Pumps in compliance with TA Luft

Technical instructions on air quality Control

The emissions of substances, especially the ones that are hazardous to health, are of high importance for human health; these are mainly those that are classified to be carcinogenic, germ cell mutagen or toxic for reproduction or are suspected to have the same effect.

The TA Luft is a comprehensive German publication of rules that specifies binding technical requirements for the reduction of emissions of air pollutants for plants that require permission in accordance with the 4th Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung (German Federal Immission Protection Ordinance); it determines the state-of-the-art for more than 50,000 plants in Germany. The TA Luft transfers several regulations of the EU law into the national law. This refers to numerous preventive requirements that are included in implementing decisions of the European Commission on the best available techniques (BAT conclusions).

The applicable TA Luft was adopted in 2002. Since then, among others, the technical possibilities and the legal requirements on immission control have been clearly further developed due to the specifications of the IED directive (Industrial Emissions Directive). To further meet the requirements of a consistent, implementation-simplifying and -unifying legal administrative act, an adaptation of the TA Luft to the requirements of the European law will be required.

Therefore, the Federal Environment Ministry has submitted a draft for a revised TA Luft in July 2018. The new requirements in number 5.2.6 for gaseous emissions, when processing, conveying, transferring and storing liquid substances were adapted to new standards.

As per TA Luft, section, only technically tight pumps are allowed to be used for conveying certain toxic media, e.g. canned motor pumps, pumps with magnetic coupling, pumps with multiple slip-ring sealing and hydraulic seal or blocking medium, pumps with multiple slip-ring sealing and sealing that runs dry on the atmosphere side, diaphragm pumps or bellows pumps.

For handling of toxic and very toxic media conformable to law as per TA Luft, IWAKI is offering a wide variety of hermetically tight pumps of different material combinations and performance sizes (Magnetic drive pumps, dosing pumps, bellow pumps, double membrane pumps).

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