Micro Diaphragm Gas-/Liquid Pumps

With APN-W series IWAKI offers a construction of diaphragm pumps, witch combine a usage to feed pure gases as well as mixtures of liquids and gases. This series contains of seven models now, with a performance range of 0,1 to 1,2 l/min and between 0,1 to 0,8 bar and is known for a low vibration and noise level in combination with small size and light weight.

Brushless DC-drives (BLDC) are added as an option for a long live time. To guaranty a best chemical resistance the pump parts are made of GFRPP, FKM and PTFE. The oil free construction, avoids a contamination of the medium. Dry run operation is possible and ideal to evacuate aggressive gases, steam and/or liquids. The installation into medical systems and maschines, equipment for production lines and sampling in analyzers are some of the main applications.

APN-W (with DC 24V)

APN-W (with BLDC 24V)