Compact size but high pressure of 0.35 Mpa


Features of MDT

Mag. drive turbine pumps
With the MDT series mag. drive turbine pumps made of plastic are available. Discharge pressures up to 0.35 MPa are attainable. Thanks to the seal less construction, leackage and shaft seal replacement are avoided. By the compact measurements of the MDT is best suited for the incorporation in cooling and chiller systems such as laser or X-ray devices etc.

Specifications (50 Hz)

Max. capacity: 17 l/min
Max. pressure: 0.35 MPa
Main materials: GFRPPS / CFRPPS, CFRPEEK
Input: 180 to 220 W
Temperature range: -20 to 95°C
Max. Vacuum: 9.3 kPa (abs.)

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  • Flow/Passage l/min (50Hz)