Highly Corrosion-Resistant Sealless Gear Pump


Features of GM-V

Iwaki's Chemical Gear Pump GM-V is an internal gear pump made of highly corrosion-resistant materials. During pump operation, liquid does not come into contact with any of the pump's metallic parts.

A magnet drive mechanism ensures that no liquid solution leaks from the pump. Thus, the GM-V safely handles most corrosive liquid chemicals, including acids and alkalis. Since the GM-V is pulsation-free and features precise discharge output, this pump is ideally suited to metering injection without pulsation.


Max. capacity: 23 l/min
Max. pressure: 5,0 bar
Main materials: PVC, CFRETFE, SiC
Temperature range: ?0 to 50°C

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  • Flow/Passage l/min (50Hz)