Valve less rotating plunger pump, preventing clogging


Features of V

High precision micro dosing
All main parts (piston & cylinder) are made of finest ceramic produced with high precision and micro tolerances. Therefore a repeatability of ± 1 % is possible to achieve. By changing the angle of the pump head, the dosing capacity can be continously set between 0 and maximum.

Superior chemical resiatnce
To handle as many chemiclas as possible, all wet end parts are exclusively manufactured of high resistant materials (SiC, PTFE & SCS14).

Dosing into a vacuum & pumping out of high pressure areas
By using a valve less construction it is possible to dose a constant flow directly into a vacuum. Also a constant volume can be dosed, if the priming side is pressurized.

Handling viscous liquids and with solid substances
The unique valveless construction together with the resistance to tear and wear of SiC enable the handling of abrasive liquids as well as liquids including solid substances. A constant flow of high viscous liquids up to 20.000 mPas is possible.

Compact construction
These lightweight and compact pumps can be installed vertically and horizontally. By changing of the direction of motor rotation suction and discharge side can be changed.

Simple construction
Due to the simple design with only a few parts assembling, demounting and cleaning is easily to proceed.

Specifications (50 Hz)

Max. capacity: 5,4 l/h
Max. pressure: 0.2 Mpa
Main materials: SiC / PTFE
Stroke rate: 5 tot 300 rpm

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