Pneumatic driven bellows pumps


Features of FW/-H

Contamination free design
All liquid end parts are made of fluoro resin with best resistance against heat and aggressive chemicals. Fiercely corrosive liquids are transferred safely without particulate emission.

Sensor drive system
By using internal proximity switches the sensor drive system opens / closes the solenoid. A reliable operation with stability even in case of a low stroke rate are ensured.

The adoption of thick bellows enables pressures up 0.45 MPa. Furthermore the life time of the bellows is 3 to 4 times longer than of a diaphragm. Pumps of the FW series are used in cleaning-, CPM- or chemichal circulation processes.

The suction and discharge fittings are made of PFA. Due to the integrated construction the accumulation of particles is avoided. In case of using special pump driver, the discharge can be easily controlled and monitored.

Specifications (50 Hz)

Max. capacity: 4,800 l/h
Max. pressure: 0.45 MPa
Max. stroke speed: 120 spm
Hauptmaterialien: PTFE / PFA
Temperature range: 10 to 180°C

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  • Flow/Passage l/min (50Hz)