High performance canned pumps for a wide variety of use


Features of NRD/RD

NRD series models are small canned motor centrifugal pumps powered by brushless DC motors. They are incredibly compact, lightweight, quiet and feature seal less construction designed to eliminate the potential for leakage.

The models in the NRD series offer a wider range of options with their flow adjustment feature (DC 1 to 5V), support for high-temperature liquid (0°C to 80°C), and capacity to be installed in areas with high ambient temperature (0°C to 50°C)

Specifications (50 Hz)

Max. capacity: 70 l/min
Max. head: 15 m
Main materials: GFRPP(E), Alumina ceramic, PTFE
Input: 1-5 VDC
Temperature range: 0 to 80°C

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  • Flow/Passage l/min (50Hz)