MDM pumps as long coupling type


Features of MDM NP

To meet our customers demand, we offer the most reliable pumps of the MDM series also as long coupling type according ISO2858. Other ISO-pumps can be exchanged 1:1 without changing the piping.

Non contact system
With the non contact system the MDM features a unique mechanism, which gives a greatly improved performance against dry running. The high magnet force of the rare earth magnets prevents coming in contact of the contact surfaces in the front and rear areas of the pump. Therefore high temperatures are avoided. This greatly improves resistance against dry running in comparison with conventional mag. drive fluororein pumps.

Best chemical resitance
Carbon fibre reinforced ETFE and PFA linings can be supplied to cover most applications. PFA being a natural unfilled material generates only few contaminations and makes it ideally suited for transfering of high purity chemicals.

Excellent durability
The fluororesin front casings are covered with a ductile iron casing, which add strenght and durability. Due to the highest sress under which the rear casing is placed, it is protected by a rear casing cover made of fibre reinforced plastic. Additionally to the higher stability, the eddy current loss caused by the rotating magnetic field is eliminated. Should it come in contact with the magnet capsule, no spark would be generated. Also the magnet capsule is fitted with a metal core to obtain a higher resistance against vibrations.

Specifications (50 Hz)

Max. capacity: 1,400 l/min
Max. head: 70 m
Main materials: PFA
Input: 0.4 to 15 kW
Temperature range: -20 to 150°C

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  • Flow/Passage l/min (50Hz)