Mag. Drive pumps with excellent balance and performance


Features of MXM

New generation of mag. drive chemical process pumps
With the MXM series a new generation of mag. drive chemical pumps complete the line-up of our world wide proven process pumps. By the non contact system in conjunction with the self radiating construction the pumps better withstand difficult operating conditions and expand as well as safety and durability.

Self radiating construction (pat. pend.)
Through the heat dispersion holes, between impeller and magnet capsule, force the liquid to circulate around spindle and bearing. Thus thermal deformation and melt are prevented.

Non contact system
The MXM pumps have a special construction to prevent contact between bearing and rear thrust ring, even if the pumps run dry or on suction side is air ingress. The usual damages through heat generation are therefore prevented.

Exeptional chemical resistance
As wet end materials only materials with best chemical resistance such as carbon fibre reinforced ETFE and fine ceramic are employed. For the operation in heavy duty chemical process applications the pumps have an external casing made of high strenght ductile cast iron.

Specifications (50 Hz)

Max. capacity: 600 l/min
Max. head: 30 m
Main materials: CFRETFE
Input: 1.5 to 4.0 kW
Temperature range: -10 to 105°C

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